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How to attract Facebook visitors to your website

Posting on social media will bring visitors to your website. However, not all interesting posts and can attract many visitors to your website.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are worthy and worthwhile to get more traffic to your webpage. At present, they can be more useful than search engines, when used correctly. Get used to making posts on your social media channels every time something new happens on your website.

Instead of uploading photos or videos to your Facebook page, you better put it on your site, and link it to the web page by placing a link on your Facebook profile, Twitter feed, and so on. Be aware that links need to be interesting or relevant to your visitors, so souvenir tumbler murah, beli aja di they don't refuse to click on the links and share your posts!

Social media marketing techniques will also be a technique to maximize the potential of social media for marketing or sales. There are many social media that exist in Indonesia.

Every social media has active users with different characteristics. There are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path, Line, and so forth. In this article we took Facebook through Facebook. Because Facebook has full features and users are increasing from year to year.

Here are just 10 powerful tips for making posts that attract facebook visitors to your website.

  • Use the link to your website when posting articles on Facebook.
  • Use interesting images and videos.
  • Involve your Facebook members.
  • Offer discounts or promotions
  • Offer specific information
  • Inform end time
  • Inform your routine activities with a calendar
  • Schedule your posts.
  • Target your audience.
  • Review posts on page insights provided by Facebook to see if your posts are correct or not.


Online Media is part of the mass media, according to Syarifudin Yunus (2010: 27) online media which is internet media, such as websites, blogs, and others that are published or broadcast in cyberspace, which can be read and viewed on the internet. 

Online Media Media that is published in a simple form and is not limited to space and time, so that people can access it because of it and where it is as far as there is a network that connects people such as the internet.

 insofar as there is a network that connects people with EXCESS ONLINE MEDIA
Online media
Online media is one type of mass media that is popular and is unique. The specialty of online media lies in the necessity of having an information technology network and using computer devices, in addition to knowledge of computer programs to access information or news. The advantages of online media are information / news that is up to date, real time, and practical (Yunus, 2010: 32):

Up To Date

Online media can upgrade (renewal) such information or news from time to time and anywhere, without having to use computer assistance, but the technology facilities on mobile phones (mobile phones) or more specifically with the word smartphone (mobile phones that already have internet facilities). . This happens because online media has a process of presenting information or news that is easier and simpler.

Real Time

The simple way of presenting news as presenting online media, and directly presenting information and news at the time the event took place is referred to in real time. Online media reporters can send information directly to the media editor of the location of the event with telephone assistance or internet facilities such as email and others.


Online media is fairly practical because of the ease of getting news and information, because it is desirable that online media can be opened and read as far as they are supported by internet technology facilities. Mobile that has an internet connection, a computer that has an internet connection both in offices or at home, and at the start of the internet cafe (Yunus, 2010: 32-33).

But only up to date, real time, and practically, the advantages are that it includes multimedia, interactive and hyperlinks. Including media elements and the advantages of online media, which makes this media able to present the form and content of publications that are richer than traditional media. This advantage, very striking, takes place on the online media that runs on the web.

Online media are known by the public not only because of the novelty of the terms of the news that is displayed has its own style and not usually done by the previous media (print). The limitations of the old media make it difficult in the publishing process which is limited to space and time. 

The most popular concept of online journalism is that realtime is implemented in running news. News, stories, events, can immediately be published at the time the event is taking place


BlackBerry mobile phones as is known to have been popular even loved by smartphone users. However, since the presence of smart phones like Android with more affordable prices, BlackBerry's popularity has begun to fade.

Before long this BlackBerry began to rise again with the Android operating system that has many enthusiasts in various countries. Previously, BlackBerry experienced ups and downs in maintaining business growth.
BlackBerry phones as is known to have been popular b BLACKBERRY HISTORY FROM THE TIME TO THE TIME
Quoting from various sources,, here is a flashback of the history of BlackBerry.


Mike Lazaridis and Douglass Fregin founded Research In Motion (RIM). The name BlackBerry was created by the marketing company, Lexicon. Since that time BlackBerry started creating cell phones.

The first BlackBerry device is 850, as a two-way pager launched in 1999. BlackBerry gained market share in the mobile industry by concentrating on e-mail services.

BlackBerry began to introduce trackball through the introduction of the Pearl series, which might be a four-way navigation. Shortly thereafter, the trackball was replaced with an optical trackpad with the introduction of the Curve 8500.

January 30, 2013

BlackBerry announced the release of the Z10 and Q10 series. Both of these models favor the touch screen feature.

August 12, 2013

BlackBerry announced its intention to sell the company because its financial position did not turn out to be profitable and competitive in the mobile industry.

BlackBerry had experienced a downturn after the trend of Android-based phones began to run rampant. From here the BlackBerry devices are not experiencing a decline.

However, BlackBerry seems to have had the weapon with the release of the latest devices and rely on software development, including security and applications.

September 2015

BlackBerry officially launches BlackBerry Priv, a slider phablet that utilizes the Android operating system with added security.


BlackBerry launches a mid-range Android called DTEK50. Now, BlackBerry has announced the KEYone device at the 2017 Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 Barcelona. Not only that, they also presented Aurora this month in Indonesia.

Similarly, the development of Blackberry Branded Blackberry from time to time, may be useful

The benefits of YOUTUBE GO TO KNOW

Youtube has become a video sharing application that is very familiar in the community. because the existence of youtube in addition to entertainment can also get good news and tutorials everyday even the youtube platform is also used by content creators to get money from videos published on youtube.

With that popularity, many download the YouTube application to be enjoyed and used. But when we search for the word Youtube sometimes comes out an application called YouTube GO. So what is Youtube GO.

Late in 2017, Google's tech giant gushed a number of applications titled GO. This application is Google's effort to make low-end cellphone users also be able to enjoy services like sophisticated mobile phone owners. Imagine, this Go application has a capacity of only a few MB.

This is of course only can be installed and enjoyed by mobile users with 1GB of RAM or even 512MB. One of the best-selling Go apps is Youtube Go.

Youtube has become a video sharing application that is very familiar in the community EXCESS YOUTUBE GO TO KNOW
youtube GO
However, before you download this application, it's good to know the advantages and disadvantages that it offers.

Benefits of youtube GO

1. Mobile Memory Becomes Lower

As we know that Youtube Go only takes around 66MB of your phone's capacity. So Compared with the standard YouTube application, it is automatically lighter, so this application can be used and will not fill your phone's memory.

like most lite versions of the application - the lightweight version, YouTube Go offers applications that are quite light when in use. In fact, Google says that we don't need to be afraid to hang or lag, which will be annoying. However, as a substitute, some of the features found in the application version should be removed.

If you are one of the people who is quite disturbed by the ad on YouTube, then this application can not be an appropriate alternative because the ad will not appear again. After reducing the lag, the absence of advertisements will certainly reduce the amount of quota usage when watching videos.

2. Low Use Quota

Released as a quota-friendly application, YouTube Go certainly has advantages in terms of data usage. However, when we open a whole video, YouTube Go will automatically display the Play option to play the video directly or Download to download the video so that it can be enjoyed at any time, with a choice of video quality so that users determine for themselves how much quota that will be used.

Youtube Go also allows users to save or play videos according to the desired size. This feature certainly makes your phone quota more efficient.

Released as a quota-friendly application, YouTube Go certainly has advantages in terms of data usage. However, when we open a whole video, YouTube Go will automatically display the Play option to play the video directly or Download to download the video so that it can be enjoyed at any time, with a choice of video quality so that users determine for themselves how much quota that will be used.

3. Share videos easily

This application might also allow you to share videos that you have downloaded more easily. You only have to click the share menu at the top, then send it.

If in the regular version, YouTube can only send links or links to share videos, YouTube Go has the ability to send videos with friends who are nearby. Not sharing links you know, in this case actually sharing videos.

However, before sending to friends who are around, users must first download the video that will be sent. Because of this, not all the videos that are on the YouTube Platform can be sent, because only the videos that can be downloaded are sent.

4. Low OS compatible

As for information, YouTube Go is even a lot if you put it on a cellphone with OS 4.2.1 Jelly Bean.

Thus information regarding the advantages of Youtube Go Compared With the Use of Youtube Standards or Ordinary. Hopefully This Information Is Useful Thank You

How to add a Facebook Page on Blogger

How to add Facebook Facebook Page in Blogger - Facebook page widget Where Facebook is connected with your blogger or website to your Facebook page. 

Infact, Blogger has an interface to create your own gadget or widget with a Blog or Web address, Facebook widget or gadget (facebook developer) in which you make automatically create a widget or your website or web page on Facebook or in your blog on Blogger.

After being created, Facebook page badges are like posting on the default gadget on Blogger or your Website.


1. Log in to your Blogger account (Gmail account).

2. Go to and log in using the text field in the section when you haven't entered.

3. Click “Page Badge” in the main menu of the Facebook Badge page (pages like Facebook).

4. Click on "Blogger" which is adjacent to the page that does not promote you on your website. Facebook redirects you to the Blogger website or.

5. Select the Blogger blog where you will display the badge page. Type the title for the gadget in the text field (example: Find you on Facebook) and click "Add a Gadget."